One of the objectives of the Caregiver Support Working Group of the Social Justice Committee is to research existing policies, best practices, and legal mandates for university communities in relation to pregnant, adopting, parenting, and caregiving students, faculty and staff. To learn more about students, faculty and staff who are also caregivers, we circulated a survey to the New School community during the Spring 2015 semester. The survey was designed as a tool to assess our community’s needs and the aggregate data will be used to inform a proposal to the university for potential support, facilities and policy changes for caregivers.
The survey was closed on June 10, 2015, and we have created a brief summary of the survey results shown below. Additionally, we have condensed the survey results for students, faculty, staff in separate slideshows which are displayed on their respective pages.


The full question and answer set can be downloaded here:   PowerPoint: Caregivers Survey – December 2015.