Caregiver Supports

Caregiver or Carer for Family and/or Others

A family caregiver or carer is anyone who provides any type of physical and/or emotional care for an ill or disabled other, those in need of care, who may be suffering from a physical or mental illness, disability, substance use problems, or other conditions.

Members of The New School community who are caring for someone while attending school and/or working will benefit from connecting to information to help navigate the healthcare system, find resources to practice self-care, and flexibility to manage an often complex situation.

New School Resources

Other Caregiver Resources

  • Next Step in CareThis site has over 30 family caregiver guides.  There is also a list of resources –for New York, City and State.
  • Family Caregiver AllianceAlthough it’s based in San Francisco, there’s a lot of information that’s applicable anywhere.
  • AARP Caregiver Resource CenterHas telephone support and links to other resources
  • New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn – a monthly support group for caregivers of older adults, led by a licensed social worker, is offered in collaboration with Heights and Hills.  Call 718-780-5367 for more information.

The State of New York has passed a law for 12 weeks of paid family leave beginning in 2018.  A proposal for 12 weeks of fully paid family leave was given to Human Resources in May 2017.  The New School is currently seeking guidance on how the New York State regulation impacts the New School.