Initiated by students at The New School in March 2014, the Caregiver Support Working Group is a subcommittee of the The New School Social Justice Committee (SJC) that is made up of students, staff, and faculty members at The New School who are interested in advocating on behalf of the many caregivers in our community.

Caregiver, by our definition, refers to any New School member who is responsible for a dependent individual, whether that person is an elderly parent, a young child or infant, or a loved one with a disability or illness.

Although our work is conducted independently, we receive support from the SJC and Social Justice Initiative (SJI), and have also worked in coalition with The New School Staff Working Group of the SJC.  Our recent accomplishments include the installation of lactation booths and changing tables on campus, advocacy to preserve the amount of leave staff members are able to roll-over annually for caregiver purposes, and conducting a campus-wide survey gathering qualitative and quantitative data on the work-life balance of students, faculty and staff at The New School.